Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This blog lacks tortes, I know

So, for a blog that is supposed to be about tortes, I haven't posted any cakes. To remedy this, I baked two cakes over my break from law school.

Here is the coconut cake I baked on Christmas Eve for my family:

I went with this recipe, which was good but the frosting was more like marshmallow fluff then frosting. The cake was probably one of the most delicate I've ever made and had to be handled with extreme care.

I baked it at my dad's house, and unfortunately, they only had square layer pans AND a ridiculous oven that baked the cake in about 2/3 the amount of time it was supposed to take.

On the Christmas table, it was elevated and made it hard to see my little siblings. Hopefully, nothing tortious happened over there...

If it did, this one was probably the culprit:
Hard to believe, isn't it? She's got that, "Who, me?" look down.

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