Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lane Cake

Look at this gorgeous background...it's the mess that is M's dining room!

Dear Lane Cake,
You were kind of a b*tch. But my boyfriend really, really liked you. I knew that he would, with your bourbony, pecany, goodness. You are trouble, but unfortunately, I think I'll have to let you come visit again.

A Lane cake is a traditional southern cake, made with light white cake layers, a boozy fruit/nut filling, and fluffy white frosting. I saw a recipe in Cook's Country and knew that I had to try to make a version for my boyfriend's college graduation. He is a big whiskey drinker and has an affinity for pecans.

The frosting uses corn syrup and is sticky as all get out. It is like glue. Delicious, delicious glue. I still am very wary of corn syrup, after the incident where I accidentally spilled an entire bottle of it on the floor of my car's trunk. Oh, life.

It was a really delicious, though very boozy! I enjoyed it, despite the fact that I'm not a whiskey drinker at all. My boyfriend really enjoyed it at as well, and carried on about it more than I've seen him do for almost anything else I've baked.

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