Sunday, July 10, 2011

Strawberry Cream Cake

This weekend was great! I finished up a whole bunch of work for my journal this week and after my class for the legal clinic on Friday I was free, free, free! My friend Allison came to Iowa City to visit because she just moved back to the Midwest for graduate school. That was great, too!

On Saturday, I made this strawberry cake. The recipe is essentially this recipe from She Simmers, except I didn't make the cake from scratch, I doubled the filling recipe, and I put a frosting on top.  I baked a white box cake in my 10" spring form pan and then split is in half. The filling is cream cheese, whipping cream, sugar, gelatin, and strawberry. I put the pink topping on because I am really bad at splitting and the top ended up breaking when I moved it. The topping is just margarine (I know, I know, but butter is expensive right now and I had a stick of margarine), pureed strawberries, and powdered sugar.

I also drank this beer over the weekend. It has the flavors of ruby red grapefruit and ginger. Was there ever a more perfect beer for me? I do not think so.

This cake is really, really good. But also intensely rich. Five of us didn't even manage to eat half of it. And now everyone is gone and I'm going to leave it with Matt. Although, I worry that if I leave it for him in his time of intense bar studying, he might now eat anything else. At least it has multiple food groups represented?

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  1. After eating nothing but cake for lunch in the midst of bar studying, I think you're actually doing Matt a fact when I saw the tweet linking to this post, I thought: Dang, Christy's bar studying will be SO AWESOME. :D