Friday, July 1, 2011

More Pyrex

For the first week this summer, I did not have to go to Iowa City in the middle of the week. I cannot even describe to you how much more relaxed I felt because of this. Normally, I leave work on Tuesday night, hop on the Megabus, get to Iowa City about 7, eat dinner with friends, and then crash. On Wednesdays I do whatever remote work I can, meet with my professor who is advising my internship, and have my clinic class. At about 9 P.M., sometimes later because the bus is coming from Chicago, I get back on the Megabus and head home to Des Moines.

Due to my excess of free time and my general procrastination - what, there are write-on packets to finish scoring? - I've been going looking for more Pyrex. I admit, I love the hunt. Here are the most recent finds:

A solid blue divided casserole dish. I'm guessing this had a fancy lid at some point. I'm thinking it might go with a set of cinderella bowls I have in Iowa City, but I'm not sure. I think this will be a good piece for making freezer meals that I need to flash freeze into individual portions. 

Crazy Daisy/Spring Blossom Butter Dish! I love butter dishes, and I actually didn't have one already.

Spring Blossom/Crazy Daisy Sugar and Creamer Set. These are kind of strange. They're meant to be used alongside the Corelle of the era. I like them and was especially excited to find that the lid was included.

These are three of the four bowls from the highly sought after primary colors mixing bowl set. From the research I've done online, these are the original set from the 1940's. Now, to find the missing green bowl. These were a steal, by the way, and even though I don't normally go for solid colors, I knew I had to snatch them up. I think I have a new secret place to find Pyrex. They even told me they are processing a bunch of estates right now full of housewares...I will definitely be back.

These are a couple of Pyrex casseroles I picked up. I have a larger pink gooseberry casserole, so I decided to go ahead and add this to the collection. I like the blue pattern, so it had to come home with me as well.

This weekend is the 80/35 Music Festival in Des Moines and Matt and I have VIP tickets, so we have an exciting weekend planned. Perhaps even some baking will actually occur. We shall see!


  1. Um, my friend Dana who I am staying with this weekend has the primary colors bowls that were handed down through her family. They sat on the edges of the small patio table all day yesterday in the middle of a bunch of drunk people. The bowls survived the day.

  2. Ahh, do not do that! Those are worth lots of money!! I am all about enjoying your dishes, but after last week's mishap, I am becoming vigilant about not breaking any.