Monday, June 27, 2011

I Might Have a Pyrex Problem

I spent the last weekend perusing garage sales and flea markets for some new Pyrex. I am kind of obsessed with it. This weekend, I acquired quite a few new pieces! The best part - all of this cost me only $35 total!

At one of the garage sales, the woman showed me her Pyrex collection. It took up the entirety of her built-in shelves in her living room. And she had just started collecting and had found all the pieces locally at what seemed to be very reasonable prices. Gives me hope!

On to the new Pyrex pieces!

 Three of four Gooseberry pattern cinderella bowls - I actually ordered the 4th bowl off eBay today, because I am an addict and I can't stand an incomplete set.
 Three casserole dishes. From bottom to top, the patterns are Snowflake Blue, Butterfly Gold 1, and the famous Butterprint. 

These next two bowl sets are remarkably similar in color and pattern. Apparently they are confused frequently.

According to my research, these two bowls are part of a three bowl set of Crazy Daisy/Spring Blossom Green mixing bowls. I'm missing the middle bowl, which is a lighter yellow. I will find it...

 This set is a set of cinderella mixing bowls in the Spring Blossom pattern. I am missing the second bowl, which is white with green flowers. I am now intent on finding it somewhere. 

After I took these photos, a very sad thing occurred. Very sad, indeed...

This last set of bowls was unstable as I'd stacked them, and the top bowl slipped off. I couldn't catch it because I had the tower of three casseroles in hand. Sad times. So now I'm going to have to find both white bowls with green flowers.

Now I can't wait until next weekend, for more garage sales and opportunities for finding new pieces!

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