Sunday, September 18, 2011

French Crullers with Orange Blossom Honey Glaze

So...these happened today.

They're from that Doughnuts book I showed you on Friday. They're really good.

French crullers are made from pate a choux, which is the cooked French dough that is the basis of creme puffs as well as many other pastries. I've never made it before, so that was it's own party. Then you pipe the dough onto parchment paper and fry the donuts one-by-one.

The glaze is really what made this. I have some orange blossom honey, and Alton Brown taught me that the type of flower gives the honey a subtle flavor of that flower, so the orange blossom honey tastes a little bit orange-y.

I am in a sugar coma right now. And I have to go to two meetings and finish my homework.

I'll add the recipe later...


  1. Holy wow! You have been busy in the kitchen this weekend!!

  2. Can you tell I had an article to edit, two briefs to edit, a make-up class to watch, and all my homework to do?