Saturday, September 3, 2011

Welcome Fall: Orange Pumpkin Donuts, Oktoberfest, and Football

Today was the first University of Iowa football game of the season. I live very close to the stadium (though less close than I did for the past two years) so of course the tailgaters woke me up.

For me, football season means fall. It's fall now, damn it. I don't care that Iowa City felt like a tropical rainforest as recently as Thursday. It is fall and I am going to make pumpkin things.

Matt and I went to the store once the game had gotten going and Iowa was basically assured a win and I got what I was missing in order to make my very favorite pumpkin donuts. This recipe is one of the most popular on my blog and they are absolutely delicious. Important tip: get a candy thermometer that goes up to 400 degrees so you can make sure your oil stays at the correct temperature of 375.

I coated half of these donuts in cinnamon sugar and half of them in orange glaze. I can't decide which one I like better. Both are delicious. 

Matt was also very excited when we were at the store because Sam Adams Oktoberfest was available. Fall! Fall things!

Also, we are puppysitting for my mom this week. Puppy makes it difficult to take photos because she wants to eat everything. But she is so frickin' cute.

Also, this weekend is another Saturday Show Off.

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  1. Yum! Puppy says: "washing a quesadilla down with a pumpkin donut is delicious!"

  2. Girl, if you want a donut, we have like 20 still. Feel free to come get one at any time.